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@ The Aish Theater, Jerusalem


Above are pictures of our Mezuzah film being shown full screen to beginners in the Aish Kirk Douglas Theatre!

Here are a few of the comments people wrote:

“Very informative, well presented with clean graphics. Overall, very well done!”

“The final explanation that the Mezuzah is a way to show that man is at the centre of the universe is worth showing and sharing. Please continue to show this film.”

“Very informative. The 3d imaging was cool and showed a great visual perspective.”

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@ Camp S’dei Chemed in Israel


Rabbi Roth gave a Torah Live presentation at Camp S’dei Chemed this week. The audience loved it and responded with a big ovation. Max Lent, a participant, immediately e-mailed the principal of his school, HAFTR, recommending they use our material.

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Rabbi Zakon’s Teachers in Training


Rabbi Roth gave a presentation to Rabbi Nachum Zakon’s teacher training group and the feedback was astounding.

18 out of the 18 people present rated it terrific and as you can see from the smiles in the attached picture it was a huge success.

The guys said they got a lot of inspiration from seeing what one can achieve in the world of education and are excited to use the material themselves.

Terrific – it was really captivating very clear and visual. It was presented very professionally. Thank you!
- Yitzhok Weiss

Personal anecdote at the end was very inspiring and encouraging for young men in our situation. What hard work, creativity and help from Above can do in paving a career and making a difference.
- Yehuda Markovits

Highly interesting and entertaining, Very Geshmak
- Yisroel Meir Englard

Never seen anything like it!
- Avrohom Ebbing

Terrific – I really loved it, and was really intrigued! Where were you 20 years ago when I was a kid!?
- Rabbi Menachem Schwartz

Thanks for a great presentation!
-Baruch Rosen

Terrific, Amazing! captivating!
-Shragi Chafetz

Fantastic job. Thanks for exposing me to this.
- Yitzchok Kirzner

Terrific – Very interested in learning how
- Shmuel Mordechai Horowitz

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Brachot “Beta” Presentation @EYAHT


Rabbi Roth just concluded a three-day marathon of presenting our yet to be released brachot lecture at EYAHT. The students enjoyed the lectures and applied their discerning minds to offering constructive feedback. With their help, we are nearing completion of this presentation. Rebbetzin Miriam Gross wrote us,

In name of EYAHT we would like to thank you for an exceptional presentation. Our girls gained tremendously from attending this Brochot series and reported it was fascinating. Thank you for so generously presenting us with this rare opportunity. Hatzlocho in all your undertakings.

Thank you EYAHT for helping us bring great presentations to audiences around the world. Bring Torah Live to your community – for more info, write to

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Home Alone @ Michlala


Rabbi Roth gave the Hilchot Yichud presentation at Michlala seminary to the shana bet students. Mrs. Batya Makarov, who coordinated the program, commented, “Thank you so much for addressing our students today.  They found the lecture extremely clear, exciting and interactive.  I think it was the highlight of their day.” Bring Torah Live to your seminary, yeshiva, shul or workplace - click to get in touch.

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Torah Live 4 Minim Presentation with Ahavas Chaim


The students of Ahavas Chaim a the Torah Live presentation on the four species, hosted at the home of their rebbe, Rabbi Dani Kunstler and delivered by Rabbi Dan Roth. Noam Katz, one of the students, commented that it was “fun, informative, and well edited”.

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Yeshivat Hakotel – 28th School in Israel to Enjoy Torah Live


Rabbi Chaim Yitzchak Yudkovski, one of Torah Live’s Israel lecturers, presented Living the American Dream at Yeshivat Hakotel tonight. The students, most of whom were studying in university and in Hakotel as part of a full day summer learning program, said the lecture was “very powerful.” To see the list of all the schools in Israel who have so far enjoyed Torah Live material, click here.




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Maaser Presentation @ Aderes Hatorah


“Inspiring and entertaining at the same time! Mind stimulating!” Yoni Burstyn, Chicago

“Exciting and clear” – Binyomin S

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Torah Live @ FZY



Torah Live had the pleasure of giving the Crossing the Finish Line presentation to FZY / Young Judea, after which the students sat with their mentors for a one-on-one discussion about how to actualize their potential. Menachem Salasnik, the program coordinator, wrote, “Thanks again for what was an excellent presentation and what the students felt was a brilliant springboard for them starting their mitzvah.”


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Yom Iyun @ Mevaseret


Torah Live’s second Yom Iyun, held at Yeshivat Mevaseret Zion, was a smashing success. (First Yom Iyun post here.) Boys spent the morning studying many inspirational ideas related to charity and then enjoyed an in-depth multimedia presentation on the topic. The event made a lasting impression on the students, many of whom took upon themselves to give ten percent to charity. To book the Torah Live Yom Iyun experience for your school, write to

Comments from the students:

“It was just 100%! Never realized how intricate the topic was.”

“Loved the audio visual.”

“Entertaining and informative.”

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@ The Mir a Third Time


Rabbi Yisrael Stilerman and Rabbi Dan Roth on a research field trip for the upcoming kashrus presentation

Rabbi Roth was invited to the Mir a third time, where he presented “Home Alone” on hilchos yichud to Rabbi Yisrael Stilerman’s group. Feedback from the attendees:

“Clear, entertaining, incredible.”

“Really great. Learned all the halachos in a way that made it seem so simple.” – Mendel Florans

“Embarrassingly, I learned a lot of halachos that even as a ben torah, didn’t fully know before. Can’t wait for the next presentation.”

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Torah Live Yom Iyun


Today was one of the most thrilling days of my whole life and marks a new era for Torah Live. Although we’ve given the charity presentation [click for video overview] many times with incredible results, this was the first time participants had the opportunity to really live the topic by first spending the morning learning related sources. You can see the results for yourself by clicking on the play button in the above video. Why not let your students enjoy the Yom Iyun experience? They will thank you forever. Satisfaction guaranteed! Write to

Comments from the students:

“It’s very hands-on and gives a real life appreciation and clarfies the concepts.” – Avi Silver

“I thought it was incredibly interesting as well as practical” – Teddy Freedman

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@ Lev Hatorah


Rabbi Dan Roth’s presentation of the Home Alone – Hilchos Yichud lecture was warmly received this week by the enthusiastic faculty and talmidim of Lev Hatorah.  One student commented, “The presentation gave a great overview of yichud for one who had no previous knowledge of the matter, or someone who was [already] knowledgeable.” Another said, “It was extremely informative. Please come back and teach us more!”

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@ Neve Yerushalayim


Went straight from JEWEL to Neve Yerushalayim to give a lunch time presentation on Chasing the American Dream.

Here’s what Shoshana Mitrani, one of the students, had to say: What did you think of todays presentation? “Thorough, organized, interesting, relevant, speaker was well spoken!” How can it be improved? “It was perfect!” When could you use these presentations in your school? “All the time! (I’m a big fan)

Another student wrote: “Was amazing video, an eye opener. Cool how you put the visual and talking together”

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Torah Live gave its first talk to JEWEL this morning. Bridging the culture gap between LA and Jerusalem is no small feat and yet these ladies have taken it in their stride. It was inspiring to meet such a highly motivated group of students and I hope the lessons we learned from the 4 animals in the Crossing the Finish Line help you reach your dreams. Keep learning and growing!

“It was very different from any other lecture I have had about Judaism and I liked it because since it was different, I was engaged! Really captivating”

“The presentation was well made and the audio visuals were terrific. They helped illustrate the point beautifully. Aish LA would greatly benefit from your presentation.”  Sola Rose Malka

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@ The Mir, Once Again


It was a true privilege to give the charity presentation today to such a distinguished group of people as the avreichim in the Mir. One of the beauties of the presentation is the ease with which it can be tweaked to suit each audiences needs, and today’s event was no exception. Yet another version was created – the 11th version to date!

Several people have already e mailed us asking for the excel maaser file – click the link to download it. [ MAASER Spreadsheet 10a ] If you want a tzedaka app for your iPhone, you can get one here.

“The speaker and graphics were phenomenal!”

“Great Shiur! Worth a trip from anywhere. Very captivating. How can it be improved? More time! – Zevi Rothschild


@ Machon Yakov


The Torah Live presentation at Machon Yakov was a smashing hit, and another lecture has been booked for December 29th.

Feedback from students:

“Terrific. I like the way that there was smooth integrated use of the powerpoint with your insights. I didnt feel the visuals were overbearing. well done.”


“Very Informative, great graphics, beautiful visuals.”

“Amazing! I would love to know what else you have to offer.”

“Beautiful graphics. Wonderful speaking. How can it be improved? If it were longer.”

“I really learned a lot and retained more since it was visual.”

“Loved the shiur + topic + Rabbi Roth. Loved the presentation. Nice to have an analysis of mitzvos that we dont usually discuss.”

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@ Lev Aharon


Yeshivas Lev Aharon hosted Torah Live for a special Chanukah event.  Rabbi Roth presented the maaser / charity lecture under the heading of “What to do with all the chanuka gelt!” Did the students learn and enjoy? You bet! In their own words, “The presentation was fun, interactive and informative!”

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@ The Mir


Recently, Rabbi Roth delivered the Mezuza presentation at the Mir, Yerushalayim. Apparently, people were still talking about the halachos over lunch and several went home and changed the position of their mezuzos. Here’s the feedback we got from Rabbi Yisrael Stilerman, the Rosh Chaburah:

“The presentation was amazing! I asked the guys about the presentation and they said they were inspired, entertained, and gained a lot from it! They were specifically amazed by the technology! They want to know, what’s the next topic and when? I personally appreciate the time, energy, and resource that you put into presenting a complete package! I know and see just a little bit of what you have to do, to get where it is. Amazing! Amazing!”

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@ EYAHT, Mezuza Lecture


Earlier this week, Rabbi Roth presented on Mezuza at EYAHT.  The students had the following comments:

“The video presentation was amazing. Best I’ve ever seen. ” – Tziporah Winston

“Very clear. Easy to follow. Good speaker. Great job!” – Aviva Lurie

“Terrific! Amazing graphics.”  - Ale Harari.

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