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Kiddush Hashem on the BBC


Thirty years ago, the BBC aired an amazing documentary about a man who paid employees extra on holidays, saying that at that time of year employees need more money – not less. The impact and Kiddush Hashem generated by the film were tremendous.

This special man is someone who I am lucky enough to call Zeide (grandpa in Yiddish).

Torah Live is proud to release a new presentation that will appeal to an entirely new audience.

A special thank you to Mrs. Sara Schreiber (my grandmother), Ms. Judy Schreiber, (my mother), Graham and Ruthie Morris and David and Ruthie Schreiber (my uncles and aunts) for sponsoring Man Management: The Ultimate Bridge and allowing me to spread Mr. Chaim Schreiber’s’ great legacy.

The complete teacher’s edition of this presentation is available for purchase here.

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Mazal Tov!


 Thank God, we are making a bar-mitzvah this Shabbos.  In honor of the occasion, we will be releasing a new six-part series on the meaning and laws of tefillin.

 Above is the first one, which is about how tefillin are made. You have permission to share this video with all your friends, on you blog.

 May we share many simchos together!

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@ The White Shul


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Blessings:The Ultimate Acknowledgement Highlights


For your viewing pleasure, highlights from our Brachot presentation. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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@ The Aish Theater, Jerusalem


Above are pictures of our Mezuzah film being shown full screen to beginners in the Aish Kirk Douglas Theatre!

Here are a few of the comments people wrote:

“Very informative, well presented with clean graphics. Overall, very well done!”

“The final explanation that the Mezuzah is a way to show that man is at the centre of the universe is worth showing and sharing. Please continue to show this film.”

“Very informative. The 3d imaging was cool and showed a great visual perspective.”

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@ Camp S’dei Chemed in Israel


Rabbi Roth gave a Torah Live presentation at Camp S’dei Chemed this week. The audience loved it and responded with a big ovation. Max Lent, a participant, immediately e-mailed the principal of his school, HAFTR, recommending they use our material.

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Torah Live, Now on the iPad


Mezuzah: The Ultimate Connector for iPad is now available on the iTunes App Store.

We’re giving away the first 1000 copies free!

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Man Management Presentation


Here’s an early look at a segment from our upcoming presentation “Man Management: The Ultimate Bridge”, generously sponsored by the Schreiber family in memory of Mr. Chaim Schreiber.

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Utensils: The Ultimate Adventure


Packed with stunning footage, great humor, and lots of energy, Utensils: The Ultimate Adventure contains a fascinating blend of historical perspectives and practical halachic guidance. Follow us on camel back as we drive through the desert, up Masada, and into the Dead Sea to learn the laws of immersing new utensils. 

This film is available to purchase on disc or via instant streaming. The purchase price is a one time fee that provides lifetime access to the film, and a source notes text (PDF) is included as well. To enjoy now, choose the version that suits your needs. You won’t be disappointed!

Instant Streaming: Home and Groups of 10 or Less – $6.95

Instant Streaming: Organizations and All Groups 10 or More – $12.95

Order on Disc: Click to purchase on – $19.99

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Jealousy: The Ultimate Drive


Torah Live is pleased to announce the release of the Teacher’s Version of our Jealousy: The Ultimate Drive Presentation. Available in our store now.

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Blessings: The Ultimate Acknowledgment


With gratitude to God, we are delighted to announce that Blessings: The Ultimate Acknowledgment (Teacher Version) is now complete. This informative, clear, and entertaining presentation provides over 6 hours worth of teaching material and comes with an instructor’s guide and workbook.

To receive a free sample of the presentation, please write to The full version is available here.

Thank you to the following people for their generous support in making this presentation possible: Jeremy and Ruthie Finn, Alan and Yvette Goldberg, Philip and Suzie Goldberg, Jake and Devorah Greenberg, Peter and Janice Sugarman, Graham and Belinda Calvert, Ben and Natalie Rosenfelder, Daniel Lyons, Bruno and Karen Serfaty, Shulie and Ahuva Meyers, Danny and Tova Fluss, Berele and Tammy Morris.

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Stunning Megillah at MMK School, London


Here are some pictures from the reading of the megillah at Mathilda Marks Kennedy Jewish Primary School, with Torah Live Stunning Megillah slideshow.

Miss E. Chody, Jewish Studies teacher at the school, comments, “It was fantastic! Really added, thank you so much.”

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350 Students in Australia


Above are pictures of 350 students enjoying our Purim material in Aussie.

Ryan Baserrabie wrote, “The megilla went down brilliantly. i have never seen the kids so engaged and quiet. Inexplicable success. “

Will post more Purim pictures soon as I get them!

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Leadership presentation in the works


With gratitude to the Almighty, it gives me great pleasure to share with you the exciting news that Michael and Bettina Bradfield are sponsoring a multimedia Torah Live presentation in memory of Susi and Fred Bradfield on the topic of leadership.

Michael requested that we conduct market research to determine that there would be demand for such a presentation. The results of our research are posted above: NCSY (Birthright),UJIA, TRIBE, Meor, National Jewish Outreach Program, Aish, SEED, JLE, Maimonidies, and other major educational organizations all recommending the project.

Thank you Conrad Morris for the kind introduction.

If you have good ideas or sources on this topic, please e-mail me at

Click the document below for full size version.

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The Stunning Megillah


The Torah Live Stunning Megillah, approved by Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits of the Jerusalem Kollel and Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath and Rav of Agudath Israel of Madison, Brooklyn NY, will soon be available for quick and easy purchase via download.

+Each slide will have the verse in Hebrew and English along with a picture (see sample above). There will be 167 slides (that’s how many verses there are!) and 42 pictures. (i.e. each group of 4 or 5 verses will share the same picture)

Purim Samaech!

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Love Your Fellow & Chesed Drive


I took the kids to Yad Eliezer to pack food packages for people in need. As you see from the pictures we all had a really great time and can’t wait to do it again.This got me thinking….

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make a presentation on the mitzvah of chesed and loving your fellow Jew? We need it now more than ever!

It could include video interviews with people who have excelled in this field, as well as inspiring stories, fascinating sources, and ideas of how we can all do more.

Our team of highly talented animators, 3d artists, cinematographers, special effects artists, and script writers have a track record of producing original and very creative material.

The Sages tell us that those who cause others to do kindness are greater in some ways than those who do kindness themselves. Please consider getting involved in the creation of this presentation, and leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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Yossie is drowning!


We thought it quite funny to see Yossie Weiss, one of the Torah Live staff members, drowning in all the mail from the over fifty teachers that signed up this week to get the Mezuzah presentation educators  kit.

This sudden surge of demand is the result of Torah Live’s new partnership with NJOP to make its material available to a broader audience.

Thank you Michael and Karine Bloch of Raanana for sponsoring the DVD in honor of their children: Eitan, Yoel, and Tali. Michael was not only the brainchild behind the creation of the DVD but is also the one who introduced our work to Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, director of NJOP and made this partnership happen.

Best caption for this picture gets the Mezuzah DVD for FREE! Congratulations to Ilan and Simone Goldstein who won last month’s free Mezuzah DVD.


PS. If your organization or someone you know wants to partner with Torah Live to distribute the material, we have a sponsor who is willing to chip in in a major way to make the cost almost free to participating outreach and educational organizations.

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Please don’t tell!


I’m amused and somewhat embarrassed at the sheer number of doughnuts that disappeared yesterday at the first ever Torah Live staff get-together. Below are some photos you might want to check out….

But first, with 50,899 views so far and counting, view Torah Live’s “Against All Odds” video which will help you experience Chanukah in a new light. (There are seven more when you finish watching that one!)

Wishing you a beautiful and meaningful Chanukah, Rabbi Dan Roth.

View the rest of our Chanukah series here.




Brachot “Beta” Presentation @EYAHT


Rabbi Roth just concluded a three-day marathon of presenting our yet to be released brachot lecture at EYAHT. The students enjoyed the lectures and applied their discerning minds to offering constructive feedback. With their help, we are nearing completion of this presentation. Rebbetzin Miriam Gross wrote us,

In name of EYAHT we would like to thank you for an exceptional presentation. Our girls gained tremendously from attending this Brochot series and reported it was fascinating. Thank you for so generously presenting us with this rare opportunity. Hatzlocho in all your undertakings.

Thank you EYAHT for helping us bring great presentations to audiences around the world. Bring Torah Live to your community – for more info, write to

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A Unique Visionary Opportunity


     To date, Torah Live has produced 10 presentations, which have been given at over 180 venues in more than 50 cities worldwide (New York, Atlanta, London, Munich, Sydney, Johannesburg, Jerusalem) to both secular and religious audiences.

     Based on the overwhelming demand for our work, Torah Live intends to create 18 unique and interactive presentations over the coming two years for a broad range of audiences. These dynamic presentations will be used in 40 seminaries and yeshivot in Israel, 300 schools in America, England,South Africa, Israel and Australia by many of the 3,700 rabbis and kiruv professionals who are currently serving worldwide, and will inspire tens of thousands of Jews from various backgrounds.

     Torah Live believes that the communication revolution we are experiencing today is a Divine gift – a powerful tool to achieve unmatched levels of clarity in complex concepts. Join the revolution – to learn more about sponsoring a presentation and other partnership opportunities, write to

List of Future Presentations:

Businessmen and Professionals
Employee Employer Relationships [Reserved]
Advertising & Honesty
Laws of Loans and Interest

Youth at Risk
Drug Abuse and Addiction
Leadership Qualities [Reserved]
The Making of a Hero: Character Development

Living Other Peoples Lives: Overcoming Jealousy
Wisdom of the Hebrew Alpha Bet
The Temple Mount: Past and Present
Jewish Life Cycle: From Cradle to Grave

Seminaries and Yeshivot
Land of Israel: Intrinsic Holiness
Shabbat: Finding Meaning in the Day of Rest [Reserved]
Putting the Holy Back into Holiday: Yom Tov
Higher Living: Emunah and Bitachon

Judging others Favorably
Spiritual Graduation: Bar & Bat Mitzvah
The King’s Knights: Kiddush Hashem
Ashkenazim and Sephardim: Understating the Roots

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