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@ The White Shul


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From Brazil to Jerusalem – Mabat


Brazil music and video group “Mabat,” enjoy a Torah Live presentation followed by a fascinating look behind the scenes into the world of sound production.

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A Work of Love


Rabbi Israel Elia, head of the venerable Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in London’s Maida Vale district, purchased all fourteen Torah Live presentations. “They are clearly a work of love,” said Rabbi Elia.

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Just got back from NY where I gave a workshop at the Torah U’Mesorah convention and wanted to share with you how far Torah Live is spreading: I was in Woodmere standing outside a 7-11 on Sunday morning, when a 10 year old kid comes over and asks if I am Dan Roth. Turns out his class had watched the Mezuzah DVD and learned all the halachos from it!

Thank you Michael and Karine Bloch for first suggesting the idea of putting our material on DVD over a year ago. You generously sponsored the project and the fruits of your kindness are spreading all over the world.

There’s an incredible write up about Torah Live in this weeks Mishpacha by Jonathan Rosenblum including 32,500 DVD’s delivered to every Mishpacha reader worldwide!

Thank you Yonason Perl, Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg, Eliyahu Rubinovich, Gavriel Horan, and Nomee Shaingarten who all had a direct hand in making it happen.

A special thank you to Conrad, Ruth, David and Karine Morris for their gracious support with Torah Live.

It is only through the wonderful people I am fortunate to be surrounded with and the graciousness of Hashem that Torah Live has merited the incredible success it has had to date.

Wishing you all a wonderful Yom Tov,
Dan Roth

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Torah Live @ MTA


Exciting news from New York! YU’s MTA high school is licensing several Torah Live presentations. Rabbi Michael Taubes, Principal, found Torah Live’s material to be “exciting and very professional. Today we need to find new teaching methods to get kids to learn”.

Students, parents and teachers – want to see Torah Live in your school? Let us know in the comments below.

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Coming Soon: Torah Live in Spanish


Miguel Abadi enjoying a private viewing of Torah Live presentations in his house in London with his children. Miguel, originally from Argentina, is helping spread Torah Live material to the Spanish speaking world. We look forward to keeping you informed of exciting developments soon.

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Chief Rabbi Sacks heartily recommends Torah Live


Rabbi Ginsbury reports that Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks was “blown away” by the Torah Live material. The Chief Rabbi invited Rabbi Roth to his office to show his staff what Torah Live has managed to accomplish and would like to work with Torah Live to create a video for Yom Kippur that would be sent to the nation. We are honored to be able to work with the Chief Rabbi. Hodu L’HaShem Ki Tov!


A school built for Torah Live


While in England, Rabbi Roth met with Rabbi Andrew Davis, Head of JS at Yavneh College and discussed working together to create a series on kashrus. Check out the pictures below – Yavneh College students are equipped with the finest in educational technology that has been integrated into their curriculum, with each student having an online database of their work enabling them to connect with their teachers and continue learning beyond the school walls, come rain, snow or shine.

Rabbi Roth and Andrew Davis

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@ Her Majesty’s Treasury


Rabbi Roth was invited back to H. M. Treasury once again. [view post from first visit here] This time he gave the Mezuza Presentation…

“An engaging & enjoyable treatment of Mezuzah from the basics to the very detailed.  A polished multimedia presentation with the more in-depth sections giving rise to so much discussion (especially on who to buy kosher mezuzot from!)” – Mark Shackman

“Although I have lots of big Mezuzot all round my house, I learned a lot from the presentation. I especially liked the “traditional” ideas/ Hashkafah anecdotes. More generally, I liked the “camera work” and how you film the text from the Torah in a modern dynamic way, making the text spring to life, so to speak.” – Jonathan Gershlick

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@ Aish Kodesh for Aish Hatorah


Here are some images from another of the exciting stops on Rabbi Roth’s recent whirlwind New York tour – an Aish Hatorah event at Aish Kodesh in Woodmere.

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@ Young Israel of Jamaica Estates


Rabbi Roth presented “Chasing the American Dream” at a Melaveh Malka in the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates in Queens, New York. Rabbi Shlomo Hochberg, Rabbi of the shul, commented,”Thank you so much for spending Motzei Shabbos with us and taking the time to inspire us with your knowledge and insights”.

“Speaker was very dynamic. The pictures enhanced the points he brought out. I loved the multimedia presentation” – Fran Kozlin

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@ Rabbi Reisman’s Shul


While in New York last week, Rabbi Dan Roth presented the Torah Live lecture on mezuza to a crowd of 150.  Ira Rabinowitz commented “Too short. I would have loved a 2 hour class!” If you attended the shiur, please chime in below in the comments!

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London, Dec. 12-18


Rabbi Dan Roth is planning to be in London from December 12 to 18, promoting Torah Live and training others to use our materials. To schedule a meeting or event, please get in touch.

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@ Shaarei Torah, Brooklyn


Rabbi Roth presented on hilchos yichud to a live audience in Shaarei Torah in Brooklyn. The presentation was given to 120 boys, ranging from 13 to 16 and each participant received a clear and beautiful summary sheet of the presentation. (Click here to download it in pdf format)

Rabbi Haber said “I am very happy he came. The presentation was amazing, amazing! It created a tremendous awareness of the laws of yichud and boys were calling after the presentation with all kinds of interesting questions.”  We were likewise impressed with the enthusiasm of the students.

And how did the students feel?  In their own words:

Jacob Gindi “Loved it!”
Shlomo Banbahji “Perfect! Outstanding!”
Joseph Tawil “The presentation was terrific!” How do u think it can be
improved? “It can’t! It was terrific.”

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@ Her Majesty’s Treasury


photo by lhongchou

While in London, Rabbi Roth presented the Chasing the American Dream lecture at H.M. Treasury in Westminster to a lunch and learn meeting of some of London’s top financial executives hosted by Rabbi Rashi Simon, founder of Kesher.

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@ The Torah Umesorah Convention


Rabbi Roth hosted a workshop at the Torah Umesorah Convention, entitled “Torah Live: A New Generation of Presentations”. It was enthusiastically received, as was the Torah Live booth on the convention floor.

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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?


Rabbi Roth’s presentation in Manchester on charity-giving was enthusiastically received and warmly reviewed in the Jewish Tribune. The Tribune said,

In his shiur billed as “an interactive audio-visual presentation”, Rabbi Roth, who is also a lecturer at Jerusalem’s Ohr Somayach, really did interact with his audience [....] This, accompanied by an original use of audio-visual technology, provided them with an entertaining and informative insight into the topic.

To read the full article, click here (pdf).

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Torah Live in the UK


In keeping up with ever growing demand for Torah Live presentations, Rabbi Roth recently spoke in London and Manchester.

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Torah Live @ Aish Toronto


Rabbi Dan Roth gave a presentation at Aish Toronto. More on Aish Toronto at their website, here.

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Torah Live in the USA


Rabbi Roth gave presentations in New York, New Jersey and Atlanta. For a fun list of the many places that have hosted Torah Live and their comments, click here.

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